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Protecting Your Property: The Envelope Inspection

Posted 03/15/2019 12:54:29
Category: Titan Tips

Written by: Michelle Hackett, Marketing Assistant; in consultation with Corey Conrad, Field Operations Manager

          Nothing lasts forever, and buildings are no exception. All buildings deteriorate over time and proper maintenance and repairs are vital to the longevity of your property. Your building envelope (the outer layer of the building, including the roof, siding/stone, windows, and foundation) protects your building from the elements, and thus is one of the most important parts of the building to maintain.

          One of the most common issues that arises when part of your building envelope fails is a leak, and water can cause a lot of damage that you might not notice until it becomes a very costly issue. Imagine a crack in a masonry wall. As water slowly seeps into the crack, it will cause deterioration and compromise the structural integrity of the building, along with causing interior mold growth well before you notice the moisture inside the building. This is why it is so important to have your building envelope inspected regularly. At minimum, you should have a professional full envelope inspection done every year. A proper inspection will include:

  • Inspecting the roof exterior for active leaks and areas of weakness that may lead to leaks.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the roof drainage system.
  • Inspecting the window caulk and flashing conditions.
  • Inspecting the foundation for cracks and moisture.
  • Inspecting all brick or block masonry for cracking and spalling.
  • Inspecting masonry mortar joints for cracking, weathering, and deterioration.
  • Inspecting all exterior concrete beams, spandrels, and balconies for signs of deterioration or structural compromise.

          In between professional inspections, be proactive! Do regular visual inspections of your property yourself, especially after any big storms. If you see something that you think could become an issue, such as damage to the roofing membrane, deteriorated window sealant, or crumbling mortar, address it quickly. Do not defer your property’s maintenance until what you think will be a “better time” for you or your budget, because a small issue left unattended can build into something much worse, and more expensive to fix.

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