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Edmonston Crossing Structural Rehabilitation

Project Name: Edmonston Crossing Structural Rehabilitation
Location: Rockville, MD

Brief Description:

This project consisted of structural repairs and restoration to the affected areas, including: Beam replacement, waterproofing, concrete and asphalt repair, and parking striping. 

At Edmonston Crossing, the shops are built on top of underground parking and the building needed major repairs to the support structure, which included shoring the building and beam replacement because of rust and deterioration. After performing the structural beam repairs, the concrete structural slab was replaced in the affected areas. The slab was waterproofed using Henry's hot rubberized asphalt system and then the topping slab was poured for the sidewalks. New asphalt was spread for the affected portion of the parking lot, and new parking striping was painted along with the installation of new curb stops. After the work was complete, the crew did a total cleaning of the work area to ensure that there was no construction debris left behind.