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Antietam Woods Condominium Stair and Deck Repairs

Project Name: Antietam Woods Condominium Stair and Deck Repairs
Location: Woodbridge, VA

Brief Description:

This job consisted of the removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete stairs at the front entrances of 10 units. In addition, the rear decks of 10 units required replacements and repairs to the staircases, railings, CMU walls, and major repairs to the concrete decks. 

The front steps of 10 units required replacement because they were cracking and had become dangerously deteriorated due to settling. The existing stairs were removed and replaced with new pre-cast stairs with new railings. Repairs were made to the concrete sidewalk to meet the new pre-cast units. The back decks and stairs of an additional 10 units were also deteriorated. The back stairs were repaired or replaced. A few of the back decks needed structural repairs to the CMU block supporting walls and some needed full depth repair to the edge of the concrete deck. New railings were installed and the decks, supporting walls, and stairs were sealed and painted.