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Hickory Cluster Retaining Wall

Project Name: Hickory Cluster Retaining Wall
Location: Reston, Virginia

Brief Description:

This project involved tuckpointing, stone replacement, partial demo and rebuild of a stone and masonry retaining wall. The retaining wall was also waterproofed and a french drain system was installed on the back of the CMU backup wall. This project is located in Reston, Virginia.

The retaining wall had loose capstones, cracked mortar, and was leaning out towards the roadway. One section of the wall required miscellaneous tuckpoint and stone replacement. Another area of the wall required partial rebuild which entailed excavating and storing the soil from behind the wall, removing all of the stone, demoing one of the CMU backup walls, and rebuilding it from the ground up. 

Rebuilding the retaining wall began with the installation of a new reinforced CMU wall. Once the CMU wall was completed the existing stones were installed on the face of the wall. New fabricated cap stones were installed on the top of the retaining wall with a new cap flashing beneath them. New waterproofing membrane, drainage board, and protection board were installed on the back of the CMU backup wall. A "French Drain" was installed along the back of the CMU wall.

Once the wall rebuild and repair was complete, the existing soil was used to backfill the wall and the work area was seed and strawed.