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The Savoy Emergency Entrance Ramp

Project Name: The Savoy Emergency Entrance Ramp
Location: Reston, VA

Brief Description:

The Savoy at Reston Town Center required repairs to the emergency entrance ramp because a portion of the concrete slab beneath the cobblestone ramp had settled approximately 6 inches at its intersection with the structural concrete of the plaza, causing a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles.

In order to repair the ramp, the cobblestones were removed around the perimeter of the 20 by 40 foot area and in 8 additional 2 foot square areas in order to access the concrete slab in preparation for slab jacking. A slab jacking pump was then used to inject grout into the soil beneath the driveway in order to lift the settled portion of the ramp into its original position. Spalled concrete on the structural plaza slab was repaired and a waterproofing membrane was applied at the intersection of the two slabs. The cobblestones were then reinstalled in their original configuration. Our client was extremely pleased with the result, which smoothed out the uneven bump that had spanned the entire width of the ramp.