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Grosvenor Park II Rooftop Terrace Waterproofing

Project Name: Grosvenor Park II Rooftop Terrace Waterproofing
Location: Rockville, MD

Brief Description:

This job consisted of repairing and waterproofing the rooftop terrace of the condominium building.

Titan was contracted to replace the waterproofing on the condominium building’s rooftop terrace. Before we could access the waterproofing layers, we careful removal of the existing pavers, which were saved to be re-installed. After the pavers were removed, our crews cleaned the substrate and stripped it down to the underlying concrete. The deck and walls were cleaned and primed before a new Bituthene brand waterproofing membrane system was applied to the area. Once the new waterproofing was applied and properly sealed, the protection board and insulation were installed. Finally the pavers were reinstalled, power washed, and sealed.